At Bluewater Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional Quality and Environmental Management Systems that ensure our clients receive superior workmanship to the highest quality, with the knowledge work is completed in accordance with strict environmental standards.

We strongly believe in providing the highest standard of work, delivered with the best safety practices and commitment to ensuring that workplace Health and Safety is maintained, improved and enforced at all times.


We are a solutions based company who prefer to work closely WITH our clients, rather than just working FOR our clients.


Most builders and developers know that the ultimate success of a project comes down to tight process management and good quality control. This is why here at Bluewater Plumbing, we have the runs on the board to deliver your project well within both time and budget.


We are known throughout the plumbing industry as being a company that offers exceptional reliability and worth, whilst always maintaining the highest regard for safety and consistency in every job undertaken. Our quality tradesmen and support team are provided with ongoing training and are encouraged to operate to an exceptional standard and pride of workmanship.


We prefer to be involved directly in the design process from the start, to help identify job and cost efficiencies and savings from day one.

We continually ensure the requests of the client are carried out efficiently and that communication is always kept open and continual







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